Jeff Hackett

Jeff Hackett

My second run at V103.3 began just as Hurricane Florence hit Eastern North Carolina. The radio station was destroyed by flood waters and needed to be resurrected from scratch. It hasn’t been fun-and-games; nobody got off easy from the storm. It’s been a work in progress and a challenge for us all to rise from the ashes to rebuild our homes and our state.

Thank you for continuing to listen and support local radio. This whole experience has been the most on-edge of my radio career thus far, not only as a radio announcer but also as a citizen. Despite its challenges, it also has its rewards. In my few months back on V103.3, it’s been a pleasure to help over the airwaves as well as step out to assist into our communities. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and to grow and to do so as a member of V103.3!



Has this happened to you?

Came home from a fast food restaurant earlier this week with meals for my two kids. Didn’t notice that each of their drinks did not contain ice. Hmmm. Then my wife mentioned the same thing happened to her last week, only from a different well known fast food restaurant. Nothing against either restaurant, but are…



According to a recent survey, the average adult over the age of 30 has kept at least three things from their childhood (pre-teen) years, like blankets, stuffed animals, etc. What stuff from your childhood will you never part with? Having recently moved, I found things from my earlier years which answer that question: – my…


So, is it worth it?

When I was growing up, my mother was somewhat frugal, so much that she reused plastic bags. She washed them when they had been used then hung them outside on the clothes line as if they were regular laundry items. Because I was used to my mother’s habits, I once washed and hung a couple…


Vanceboro Christian Help Center

The Vanceboro Christian Help Center (VCHC) is a non-profit organization that offers assistance to citizens of not just Vanceboro but the areas surrounding it. Its volunteers help give food, clothing, and other items to those in need. They also provide clothing to job seekers for interviews and for starting new jobs and also many other…



Our new house is the first with a kitchen island. Very convenient for us parents, not so much for our six-year-old because he can’t yet reach completely across its top. This morning Mommy asked where he had put his shoes the day before. He said they were on top of the mountain. Mommy was bewildered,…