Jeff Hackett

Jeff Hackett

My second run at V103.3 began just as Hurricane Florence hit Eastern North Carolina. The radio station was destroyed by flood waters and needed to be resurrected from scratch. It hasn’t been fun-and-games; nobody got off easy from the storm. It’s been a work in progress and a challenge for us all to rise from the ashes to rebuild our homes and our state.

Thank you for continuing to listen and support local radio. This whole experience has been the most on-edge of my radio career thus far, not only as a radio announcer but also as a citizen. Despite its challenges, it also has its rewards. In my few months back on V103.3, it’s been a pleasure to help over the airwaves as well as step out to assist into our communities. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and to grow and to do so as a member of V103.3!




I posted recently how my mailbox had been hit by reckless drivers seven or eight times since I lived in my former house. None of the offenders had stopped to apologize and make amends for their mistakes. Until now! The most recent (and the last, by the way, because I just moved) left a business…


Have Fun And Learn A Lot Also!

My six-year-old son and I finally had the opportunity to visit the New Bern Firemen’s Museum this weekend (he’s been begging to go since it opened for the season earlier this month). He had a wonderful time playing in the children’s area, checking out the fire engines, and ringing the bell on one of them…


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Went to our five-year-old’s t-ball game last evening. At any given point on the field, there was one kid playing in the dirt, three kids watching birds fly overhead, and two kid doing handstands. One kid chased down his own hit and almost threw himself out at first base while another decided to run the…


Birthplace Of Pepsi Cola, New Bern

If it’s your favorite soft drink, then visiting the birthplace of Pepsi Cola in downtown New Bern is double the fun! Not only can you enjoy that wonderful beverage while you’re there, you can also learn its history that was created in what once was Bradham’s Pharmacy on the corner of Middle and Pollack Streets.…


CSS Neuse II, Kinston NC

This past weekend I experienced the CSS Neuse II, a remake of the original gunboat which served in Kinston during the American Civil War. When I approached the replica upon arrival, I was welcomed by Gary and Betty Hines, two volunteers among many who have helped keep alive the memory of this piece of Eastern…