7 O’Clock Brain Lock

7 O’Clock Brain Lock

Wake Up Your Brain w/Brooks!

Play 7 O’Clock Brain Lock, Bojangles, a digital download copy of 300” 4K Ultra HD  & Mannheim Steamroller’s Classic “Halloween Monster Mix” CD  !!!



Directed by visionary Zack Snyder.  “300” is set in 480 BC and based on the true story of the Battle of Thermopylae in Greece.  Sparta was considered to have the fiercest soldiers in ancient Greece, and the actors’ fit physiques inspired a workout program called “The 300 Workout”

Mannheim Steamroller’s classic “Halloween Monster Mix” CD 

 A compilation of sound effects and Halloween themed music taken from the group’s wildly popular “Halloween” double album.  Scare up some fun with tracks like “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” “Enchanted Forest,” “The Other Side,” “Harvest Dance,” “The Reaper,” “Night On Bald Mountain” and MUCH more.   Mannheim Steamroller’s “Halloween Monster Mix” provides the perfect soundtrack for trick or treating and Halloween entertaining.  If you are a fan of the Fresh Aire and Christmas music of Mannheim   Steamroller, you will enjoy the music and spooky sound effects included on Mannheim Steamroller’s “Halloween Monster Mix”.  Available at Amazon.com, iTunes.com and MannheimSteamroller.com or stream it on Spotify.



Bojangles’ is serving up those HOT fresh made from scratch Buttermilk Breakfast Biscuits all day every day! Hey breakfast fans, It’s Bo’ Time!


Brain Lock Question:

10/1 – 48% of men only do this on the weekend? Call their mom!

10/2 – About a quarter of people do this after they buy a car. What is it? They name it!

10/5 – According to a new survey, 25% of millenials have never been here. Where? The Bank

10/6 – Only 2% of brides kept this in 1975. Today, it’s closer to 29%. What are they keeping? Their maiden name!

10/7 – 47% of men experience this daily. What is it? A wedgie!

10/8 – 87% of Parents say their kid looks up to this person. Who is it? Their coach!

10/9 – Doing this fall activity for 90 minutes burns 429 calories. What is it? Raking leaves!

10/12 – They’re full of germs and bacteria and we never wash them even though we use them every day. What are they? Keys!

10/13 – This is what most people look forward to on a Monday? Friday!

10/14 – A survey of adults asked, “What was the scariest thing growing up?” The basement!

10/15 – A new survey says that 33% of newlyweds already have at least one of these when they get married. What? A kid (or kids)!

10/16 – 18% of women admit they don’t do this every day. What is it? Change their underwear!

10/19 – A new survey asked people to list the most boring household chore they could think of, what was the most common answer? Ironing!

10/20 – According to a recent survey: What is the #1 thing people judge about your home? The smell!

10/21 – According to a new survey, 60% of Americans admit that they only clean this about once a year. What? Their oven!

10/22 – 20 years ago the average person did this 5 times a day. Now it’s only about twice per day. What? Talk on the phone!

10/23 – They debuted in 1976 and the last ones were made 15 years ago, but you may have several still in your home. What are they? VHS tapes!