7 O’Clock Brain Lock

7 O’Clock Brain Lock

Wake Up Your Brain w/Brooks!

Play 7 O’Clock Brain Lock, Double the Bojangles (Sausage Biscuit & 2 piece Dark Chicken Diner)

Everyone who wins Brain Lock for the next two weeks will qualify to win a Fit Bit

Bojangles’ is serving up those HOT fresh made from scratch Buttermilk Breakfast Biscuits all day every day! Hey breakfast fans, It’s Bo’ Time!


Brain Lock Question:

01/04 – 35% of couples say they argue less because of this…? They don’t share a bank account!

01/05 – If you work out on a regular basis, you will do this less …  Pass gas!!!

01/06 – The average American consumes 3 bottles of this each year. What? Ketchup!

01/07 – The average person will do this about 11 times in their life. What? Move!

01/08 – It’s estimated that 15% of drivers on the road this morning are doing this. What is it? Eating breakfast!

01/11 – According to a new survey, 8% of people say they never do this. What is it? Clean their phone!

01/12 – Almost 75% of people do not know the last name of this person. Who? Their next-door neighbors!

01/13 – The lifespan of this household item is about 10 years. What’s the item? A vacuum!

01/14 – Over 50% of men have lied about THIS on a first date…? How much they work out!

01/15 – The two outdoor activities with the largest increase in participation last year were golf and what? Gardening!

01/18 – The average person will say this five times a day. What is it? Thank you!

01/19 – Since this pandemic began, doctors are reporting a big increase in this injury….? Broken toes!

01/20 – In a new survey, 36% of us say we order this out because we hardly ever make it at home. What? A salad!

01/21 – Americans throw away 579 of these each second, 49 million a day and we have all used one at one point in our lives. What? Diapers!