The First Of Many?

The First Of Many?

There are three types of people out there:  Those who can take care of houseplants, those who will kill houseplants, and those who will kill houseplants immediately.

A new poll asked Americans if they could keep a houseplant alive for at least six months, and 33% of people are confident they could.  Another 33% said that they probably could.

Ten percent said there’s no chance it lasts six months and another 14% said it’s “not very likely. When asked if they have a “green thumb,” only 13% of people are confident that they do. ¬†Another 22% are working at it. ¬†59% of people don’t have a green thumb.

Here’s a photo of what we woke up to in our back yard this morning, the first actual homegrown product in our backyard ever! Let’s see what percentage above into which we eventually fall – wish us luck!

Jeff Hackett