Be Bear Wise!

Be Bear Wise!

In May, the Havelock Police Department released a public safety announcement concerning bear sightings within the city limits of Havelock. Those sightings are continuing, so they’re re-releasing the safety tips and also asking you to view additional information and suggestions at
Bear Safety Tips:

  1. Never feed or approach a bear. Feeding bears will only draw them closer to your home and they may frequent that location more looking for food.
  2. Secure garbage and recycling cans. Food odors will attract them to your cans.
  3. Remove bird feeders when bears are active. Birdseed and other grains have high calorie content making them attractive to bears
  4. Never leave pet food outside. Store pet food in locked or sealed containers inside your home, not outside or in an open garage area
  5. Clean and store grills. Cleaning them after each use, to include the drip trays helps reduce food odors that may attract wildlife in general
  6. Alert neighbors to any bear activity. If you see bears or evidence of, let the neighborhood know about it.
  7. Do not bait or attempt to shoot any wildlife.

The authority on wildlife, and specifically bears is North Carolina Wildlife. If you need to report a Wildlife violation please contact NC Wildlife at 1-800-662-7137. You can also visit for additional information.