The Cardboard Diaries

The Cardboard Diaries

Sad to say, I have a bad habit I must admit.

I’m a collector of boxes.

Yep, those cardboard cubes with which we’re all familiar and regularly use. The number of empty boxes was accumulating, however, in the garage and attic of our former abode, but for good reason. We were planning an eventual change of address and I felt it was better to have them handy for the days ahead during which they would be filled.

And they were. They successfully served their purpose then, due to regularity, they began to go back into the garage and attic of the new residence.

My wife broke my customary practice by loading up the van unannounced with broke down boxes and delivering them to the recycle center. Now, we may have just a half dozen vacant boxes in our house, but much more room. That quickly helped lessen my addiction. Despite the temptation, I have resisted filling the absent spaces in our home with newfound corrugated containers.

If you have been reading this while, in secret, admiting your own cardboard box addiction, please take heart. Empty boxes are easily obtainable. If need be, there are certain stores that sell empty packs of fold down boxes as well.

Thus, empty boxes will always be available.