My six-year-old son and I were recently headed home after baseball practice. He had been pretty quiet, likely tired from being very active for the past couple hours in the hot sun. He just looked out the window as we traveled.

While waiting at a stoplight, he suddenly perked up and said, blatantly, “We buy houses!”

Somewhat bewildered, I replied, “What did you say, buddy?”

He said again, “We buy houses!”

It took me a second to notice what he was doing. Turns out, while stopped for about a minute, he was determining the words on a small sign near the side of the road. He’s had troubles and much frustration learning to read, but this short break on our journey gave him the opportunity to sound out the words and proudly let me know what was there.

It’s been difficult seeing him struggle with this. He has, however shown his excitement when he realizes he understands what he’s reading. This has made him very proud of what he has accomplished. It’s made me very proud as well and has me looking forward to our next ride together in the car!

Jeff Hackett