Castaways Rescue, Inc

Castaways Rescue, Inc

Castaways Rescue, Inc – Dogs First, Compassion Always

The latter four words above stand for so much of what this nonprofit organization is about. Located near Maysville, their goal is “to rescue dogs from abusive and neglectful circumstances, as well as dogs who are at risk of being euthanized due to capacity issues at area shelters.”

While this graciousness is beneficial for the animals mentioned, it also applies to the people involved as well. The closeness of the folks who assist with the care and repair of the canines rescued is evident and a foundation upon which Castaways Rescue is built.

While at Castaways this past week I learned that the current rescues and county shelters were constantly at capacity. A good number of the dogs available for adoption from Castaways are cared for by volunteers at local foster homes.

The Kennel Project is currently underway to raise funds to construct onsite kennels which will house more dogs on the Castaways property. Half of the needed funds to begin building the first kennel have been raised. Until this happens, the organization greatly appreciates donations and volunteer efforts. The dogs really appreciate it, too!

My appreciation to Cassandra Slis, director of Castaways Rescue, and her husband Andrew for their time last week to enlighten me on their creation of a nonprofit dog rescue in ENC after being stationed overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Also to each of the five friendly rescue dogs in their home whom I hope will soon find at least a foster home nearby. For anyone hoping to adopt or who may possibly donate or volunteer, please visit the Castaways Rescue website at or call 678-409-1619.