A Joyful Day At Joy Soup Kitchen!

A Joyful Day At Joy Soup Kitchen!

I became intrigued recently with Joy Soup Kitchen on Facebook. Tom Quigley, the Board Chair for Joy Soup Kitchen, had me with his videos! Check out this one and note the V103.3 T-Shirt! Thanks Tom!

Joy Soup Kitchen’s primary focus is to deal with food insecurity by providing meals to the poor and homeless. They’re the only place in Greenville that prepares and serves free, nutritious (and DELICIOUS) hot lunch and dinner meals to address this essential need. Their patrons represent people from all demographics and for some, it may be their only meal of the day. But, Joy Soup Kitchen is more than just a soup kitchen. They also establish, organize, operate and promote facilities and services in Pitt County that promote fun, fitness, health, a focus on children & families and so much more!

So, I had to volunteer! And Joy Soup Kitchen always needs volunteers! I hit Tom up on their Facebook Page and scheduled a day to come in and help prepare and serve lunch. He gave me 3 rules: Wear a baseball cap or I’d have to wear a hair net, wear closed toe shoes so I didn’t drop hot soup on my toes and HAVE FUN! I arrived bright and early at 8am and the kitchen was already staffed and they were rocking the sandwich prep! Ms. Jessica and Ms. Karen are on the left and Ms. Shirley and Ms. Karen on the right! An amazing crew! And FUN!

I happened to volunteer on a day that the Wicked Pissah Soup Makah Competition was on! Lucky me! Bonnie Kuras with Tedi Bear Children’s Advocacy Center was whipping up a HUGE pot of Creamy Wild Rice Soup to serve with lunch! Michelle was assisting. That soup was delicious!

We prepped lunch and began serving at 10:30am. It was such a joy to meet every smiling face that came in for lunch that included hot soup on a chilly day! A quick clean-up followed and we were done by 1pm. 5 hours flew by. I had so much fun and it was an honor to work with and meet every single person who helps Joy Soup Kitchen run smoothly and efficiently, dishes out delicious meals with kind words and a smile and helps Joy continue to grow and offer more services for our community. Including a Health Clinic coming soon!

I brought a friend with me to volunteer! I think Cindy and I rocked the baseball caps!

Joy Soup Kitchen needs volunteers! It’s so easy to give your time and be a silent hero who wants to work hard, make people smile and have FUN! Responsibilities may include serving meals, washing dishes and tables, cleaning, organizing and more. If you enjoy cooking and have a specific meal that you want to serve to about 100 guests, let them know! They’ll work with you to make it happen. Please call 252-561-7519 between 8:30am and 10am Monday through Friday.

​They also need donations! It takes more than $80,000 per year to continue helping those in need. On average, Joy Soup Kitchen serves around 35,000 free meals per year. Each meal costs $2, so a little can go a long way. Click here for ways you can donate or check out Joy Soup Kitchen’s Wish List of products/food that they always have a need for! When I volunteered, I picked up 4 big boxes of individually packaged cookies from Walmart and served them to 120 people with their lunch. It was affordable for me and a sweet treat for the guests!

Joy Soup Kitchen has a delicious way for you to help, too! Their Soup Sales provide you with a yummy jar of soup for just $5. Lunch done for a great cause! Keep an eye on their Facebook Page because they sell-out fast!

​Joy Soup Kitchen is doing amazing things in our community. We can all help! Let’s do this…because you know a little kindness can change the world! Click below for their website and like their page on Facebook!