*** V-Day Card ***

*** V-Day Card ***

Hope you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day! I’m enjoying it more because I was given a card by my nine-year-old daughter this morning. She’s given me V-day cards before and they’ve all been the same kind she passes out to her school friends where she just signed her name as best she could, depending on her age.

This year, however, she gave me a handmade card. It was specifically folded so there was a specific way I needed to open it. Then a sweet, short message inside which I kmew came from her, not the commercial cardmaker. Plus about a million hand-drawn hearts (you can’t see the other side in the picture)!

I brought it to work so I could type what I’m typing and post what I’m posting now. Is it the simplest Valentine’s card I’ve ever received? Yes, it is, but it also means the absolute most. Less is more, but if it comes from the heart, it’s always, always worth so much more!

Thank you, Emily – Daddy loves you, too!

Jeff Hackett