The Blessing Box

The Blessing Box

Welp, nearly 2 years after it started…I finally got it! “Rona”! It knocked me for a loop for a while…actually still is! The “Coronavirus Fatigue” is real! But after about 4 days of really battling it, I started to feel better. And I HAD to get outside! The first day I just walked around and around and around my yard. The second day I ventured down the block and circled around and around and around. The third day I spread my wings a bit and walked a few blocks away before circling around and around and around. And that’s when I found the empty Blessing Box.

It sits in front of a church. The door is printed with the words “Have a Blessing, LEAVE it. Need a blessing, TAKE it. Above all be BLESSED!” There was a package of instant mashed potatoes in the box. The sight of the empty Blessing Box made me sad. So since my quarantine kept me from doing just about anything I love to do when it comes to volunteering or committing random acts of kindness, I circled back to my house and started cleaning out my cupboards. This was kind of a “blessing” for me in my lonely quarantine! I stacked up cans of soup, tuna fish, crackers and other odds and ends and loaded as much as I could carry in a little backpack and headed back to the Blessing Box to stock it up.

The next day, I loaded the rest of my stash up and walked back to the Blessing Box. Someone else had dropped off some shoes, crayons and various food items and when I dropped off the rest of my blessings, the little Blessing Box was nearly full! Awesome!

Since I’ve been free from quarantine, I check on the Blessing Box a few times a week. When I stop at a store, I pick up a couple of cans of soup or mac and cheese or snacks and drop them off in the Blessing Box. It’s just a little thing, but it makes me happy to know that if someone needs that can of soup, it’s there for them. Or if they have a child, they get that treat!

Keep your eyes open for a Blessing Box near you. Or start one at your own church. Because sometimes, it’s the little things.

And above all, be blessed!