Some Days I Wish I Were A Duck

Some Days I Wish I Were A Duck

Think about it. If you were a duck, you could soar through the sky. Need a nap? Find a nice spot to call your own. A rock in the water? Why not? Doesn’t matter if it’s cold. You’re a duck.

You can catch up with what’s going on with all the ducks or you can duck your head and ignore the gossip!

You can find your own perch and make it your throne! Yes…I understand this is a seagull. But trust me, a duck is going to knock him off that perch soon. Because even a seagull will duck and run from a duck.

See all the seagulls under the tree. They were chased off the perch by a duck. Not really. The tree’s just cool.

If you were a duck, you could swim anytime of the year. Again, even when it’s cold. Because you’re a duck. You know, water off a duck’s back!

Of course, you have to be an early bird to be a duck because they get up at the quack of dawn. Hmmmm. I’m not really an early bird. Maybe I need to be an Owl.