Let Me Give You A…HAND?

Let Me Give You A…HAND?

I imagine all of us have run across that random shoe in the road and wondered, “How did that ONE single shoe end up abandoned here…living a desolate life of half a pair…wondering why they were left behind and their match was kept by their loving owner.” OK, maybe we all haven’t wondered that much, but we’ve wondered. How did that shoe end up there all alone?

How about a “hand”? Well, that’s what I thought it was when I slipped into the parking spot in Downtown New Bern recently and eased up to THIS!

Maybe I watch too many horror movies! But initially I thought it was literally A HAND!

Nope. Just a glove. Left behind like a lonely shoe in the road. But this doesn’t look like an accidental drop. Someone took this glove and slipped it over a branch on the bush. Then walked away leaving this poor lonely five fingered orphan to greet everyone who slipped into the parking space.

I wish I had something in my car that I could have stuffed in that glove to at least prop it up in a salute to those who came upon it. But where’s stuffing when you need it? Not in my car for sure!

Maybe I’ll go back and see if the glove is still “hanging out”. I’ll bringing stuffing.