Pearson Park, Kinston NC

Pearson Park, Kinston NC

A place of interest and fun for kids in Kinston is Pearson Park, located at 210 West Gordon Street. It’s part of the Pearson Park Trail which also includes Tiffany West Park Veteran’s Walk Of Honor, all of which runs along the Neuse River.

What is likely to first catch your eye in Pearson Park is the 14-foot high climbing structure which resembles a dragon and includes a rope ladder and slide. A storybook trail, musical instrumental area, performance stage, and other park features will keep children entertained for hours.

I enjoyed my initial visit to the area and wished I had brought my bike to travel the entire 3/8’s of a mile of the park. It will definitely be part of one of my family’s future trips to Kinston, during which we will have the time of explore all the aspects the park has to offer!

Jeff Hackett