The Magic Of Christmas Morning In My Trunk!

The Magic Of Christmas Morning In My Trunk!

Like every parent, one of my favorite days of the entire year was Christmas Morning. After the madness of Black Friday shopping for the best deals, hiding gifts in places I couldn’t remember hiding them, baking cookies with my son for Santa on Christmas Eve…because they had to be the freshest they could be on Santa’s plate…and then staying up late to wrap every gift, Christmas Morning was my reward! The look on my son’s face when he came down the stairs and around the corner to spy the tree was magic. Christmas magic.

When my son slipped into his teens, we would shop together for a family who needed help creating that magic on Christmas. It taught him to be grateful for what we had, how to be kind and generous. And it brought us a new feeling of Christmas magic.

My son is grown now. He’s in his own home for this Christmas and will start his own traditions. I hope he adopts some that we shared while he was growing up. Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. Leaving carrots for the reindeer. Making sure all the Christmas Lights are on so Santa is sure to spot our house from his Sleigh. And sharing the spirit of the season with a child in ENC who wishes for Christmas Magic on Christmas Morning.

Because I have a “childless” home again, for the first time in 22 years, I don’t have to hide gifts in places I can’t remember hiding them. I don’t have to bake fresh cookies on Christmas Eve, though I still bake them for my neighbor! I don’t have to stay up late wrapping gifts. And I miss all of this madness so much, because I know I won’t have the reward on Christmas Morning of seeing my son’s face light up when he comes down the stairs and around the corner to spy the tree. It certainly won’t be the same this year, though I’m trying to look forward to sleeping in on Christmas Morning for the first time in 22 years! And when I wake up, I will imagine the Christmas Magic that my trunk full of presents brought to a couple families in ENC. And, maybe I’ll bake some more cookies!

Merry Christmas. Please share the spirit of the season with a gift, a kind gesture, a random act of kindness or, home-baked cookies!