When There’s A Will…

When There’s A Will…

I’m lucky to have one of these in my hand. It’s a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake which you always see and enjoy this time of year. Everyone except me, that is. As soon as the box of individual cakes makes its way out of the grocery bag in my kitchen, it’s submerged by two overanxious, extremly hyper little people who call my house their home. They eat all our other food, too.

And there’s just five cakes in each box – you know how many trees my kids consume them before I even realize they were under my roof? Well, when you consider the age difference between kids and adults, it’s no surprise. So I actually have to surprise them in order to score at least one cake during the holiday season – last night I waited until they were asleep to take the yet-not-empty tree cake box out to the garage to grab my seasonal treat. Yep, I took it out to the garage to remove it from the box. Why? Because my kids have super sensative hearing to the crinkling, crackling sound made by the plastic surrounding each cake – if heard, they’re on it like starving monkeys on a banana.

Sure, it’s a pretty insensitive thing to do, but Little Debbie doesn’t come sliding down my chimney with a bag of boxes to leave under the tree, either! It’s every man, woman, and child for his or her self in my household! And if you come to visit this holiday season, you’d better bring a box for everyone or leave them outside in your car. Doesnt matter, though. Your car will likely get checked and raided if full of the good stuff. Surprisingly, though, not by me or the children – that’s where my wife comes in!

Jeff Hackett