Sometimes You Just Have To Look Up!

Sometimes You Just Have To Look Up!

My Thanksgiving Weekend was spent with my immediate family in Cape Charles, VA. I’m going to be honest. I was nervous! All of us together in ONE house! With NO escape!

But, as it turned out, there really wasn’t much to worry about. There WERE escapes! LOL! You thought I was going to say it was a perfectly harmonious weekend with my family! Silly you!

Of course there were bumps in the road! In that house: my Mother, my three sisters, their children and significant others, my husband, my son, his significant other and me. How could we have gotten through an entire FOUR day weekend without being the person that needed to escape or that person driving someone else to escape!

My escape was to a gorgeous Disc Golf Course with my husband, mother and one of my nieces! It was frigid cold and the wind was blowing like mad, but we bundled up and headed out to play 18 holes.

I’m really pitiful at Disc Golf, but I love to play. My Mother was worse than me. My niece hit her stride about halfway through. My husband’s not bad. But, it wasn’t really about the game. It was about being together, enjoying each others company, laughing, sharing stories and memories and catching up with what we’re all up to now. I LOVED it.

And right at the last hole of the course, we saw this:

This majestic tree with a friend that had grown alongside it, winding it’s way up the “big” tree, holding on for dear life. And, it hit me. This is us. My family. Our lives intertwined. Holding each other up. So close you can’t tear us apart.

Sometimes, you just have to look up to see what’s right in front of you.