Onslow Community Outreach

Onslow Community Outreach

There are a number of ways to assist the needy this Thanksgiving and in Jacksonville, the Onslow Community Outreach is one of them! Their goal for Thanksgiving Day for the Onslow Community Outreach Soup Kitchen is 300 turkeys as well as other general donations (spiral hams, especially!) to go along with the birds. There are also many opportunites to volunteer on their website at onslowco.org.

Special thanks to Angela Kraker, Development Director at OCO, who excitedly explained the process of moving upon which the center plans to embark before the new year arrives! Her focal point was the expanded area the new center creates and how she and her coworkers and volunteers will not only utilize but also enjoy. Angela, among others at OCO during my visit last week, expressed how working there was fun and how much of a community it has become over the years.

If you are in need of assistance or know of someone who may be, visit their website or Facebook page to see the many number of ways OCO can help! Believe me, there’s plenty to read and explore about this very helpful non-profit organization and how to assist as well!

Jeff Hackett