A Big Fat Turkey & A Side Of Drama

A Big Fat Turkey & A Side Of Drama

Thanksgiving is next week. Wow…what happened to 2021? But…that wasn’t really my thought as I started writing this. May be a better topic than my original, though. The original is about Thanksgiving and the one thing EVERY…SINGLE…PERSON…I…KNOW…IS…DREADING! A family gathering! LOL!

I will be traveling to a lovely home in Virginia to gather with my immediate family for Thanksgiving. I’m responsible for all the food for Wednesday night, Thanksgiving breakfast and Thanksgiving Dinner because I’m close and everyone else is flying or driving over 12 hours. I’m OK with that. I love my turkey and stuffing so I prefer being in charge of Thanksgiving Dinner! I’m not in to weirdo stuffing for sure! And again I digress.

I’m excited about us all gathering for the holiday for the first time in more years than I can count. Excited and pretty sure there will be drama. And very sure we’re going to have one, big, fat turkey. 26 pounds. Honestly, I think it weighs more than that because I could barely heft that thing in my cart. But again, I digress.

We’re hoping for beautiful weather for the holiday so we can enjoy the gorgeous outdoors. We all love to kayak, hike, fish, etc. And I’m packing games and craft to occupy our time if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I have a Stephen King book I’ve been trying to finish for 2 years. What happens to the time? It just flies by and I can never catch up. And once again, I digress. Which…frankly is a great thing to do when you find yourself trapped in any holiday drama! Digress!

Digress: leave the main subject temporarily. Family gossiping about a distant relative? Digress. Political discussions getting heated? Digress. And, if you ever feel exasperated by the whole entire clan around you for the holiday, just think of me. I’ve got a “flat-earther” coming for dinner! We’ll be playing a lot of “Pass The Pigs” and “Tensies”.

Oh, the cup. It’s mine. I was making my last-minute grocery list and worrying about who would like what and who didn’t respond to my test for special requests and who was going to start the first stupid argument when it just made me stop and chuckle. Those are my beat up shoes hiding the last few words on the cup. But I’m sure you can finish the sentence. And hint: it’s NOT “A Wise Woman Once Said Digress”. But digress is close and a bit more polite!

Now, my stuffing. YUMMY! I wish I had a recipe to share, but it’s all kinda seat of my pants! I toast my own bread for the stuffing days in advance and let it set out and get stale. We prefer white bread. Then, I cut it in squares and toss it with crumbled bacon, mushrooms and onions sautéed in butter, chicken broth, salt, pepper, sage and poultry seasoning. Don’t be stingy with the bacon! And you absolutely must stuff it in your turkey! It’s sooooo good!