The Thrill Of The Thrift Shop Hunt!

The Thrill Of The Thrift Shop Hunt!

I got my addiction to thrift shopping honest. My Grandmother loved to hit flea markets, thrift shops, even the junk man’s house! Yes, the “Junk Man”. He ran the local dump and salvaged anything you an imagine from being buried under mounds of left-overs, empty beer bottles and various other icky things!

My Mother caught the addiction, though her collections were far less extensive. We never had money when I was growing up, yet my Mom decorated our house with taste, found us clothes that weren’t entirely embarrassing to wear to school and put gifts under the tree for Christmas that we never knew were second hand. She helped me and my sisters start our own collections of “treasures”. My first, old bottles. Mom would take us out in the woods to eye-spy mounds in the ground and dig for medicine bottles. It morphed into perfume bottles, given to me by my Grandmother, my Aunt, my Mom.

I’ve had other “collections” through the years, but I still have nearly every single perfume bottle given to me by a relative, including one my Uncle gave me on my wedding day. Yes, my Grandmother’s sons caught the bug, too!

I’m not shy when it comes to talking about my love of pinching pennies. Thrifting has saved me plenty of money. I thrifted my son’s clothes when he was young, digging through bins and finding the cutest outfits for the best prices! Toys and books to occupy his time. Sports equipment that started his own addiction to baseball! It meant we could afford those water park tickets on weekends or a movie AND popcorn!

I still thrift and now it’s more about the thrill of the hunt AND the thrill of finding a treasure that’s worth a lot more than what you pay for it! Though I’ll admit my latest obsession on the hunt is creepy pictures and anything “beach” related for the room I’m redoing in my house! It may not to everyone’s liking, but I LOVE it and nearly everything in it is thrifted or passed down from family and attached to a special memory! Just LOOK at my treasures!

The shelf and chair above were thrifted. A can of spray paint and they are the cutest addition to an empty corner in my room! I HATE to paint, but even I can spray that stuff! And below, I love to store our collection of shells from our beaches in pretty glass bottles!

And a few more pics of random other things I have around the house just because they caught my eye!

Try the thrill of the thrift store hunt! You’ll like it. Oh, and if you haven’t discovered it already, don’t miss Grifton Mission Ministries Yard Sale on Wednesdays and Saturdays…same days as the Ayden Flea Market at the stockyard on Hwy. 11…so double goody stops! And watch for Grifton Mission Ministries move in 2022 to their new thrift shop in the old Piggly Wiggly building in Grifton. It’s HUGE!