Ode To Popcorn

Ode To Popcorn

I have two favorite snacks. One is popcorn. I love popcorn of all flavors, colors, and varieties. There’s a popcorn popper at home as well as microwave popcorn.

The only thing about popcorn that disappoints me is there’s less in a microwave bag of popcorn than there used to be. And it costs more. Sure, that’s basic economics and it happens with everything over time but when will the line be drawn? At what point is there itsy-bitsy, fun size bags of microwave popcorn just as there’s fun size candy bars? Give me a break!

The bowl in the picture used to abundantly overflow with my favorite brand of microwave popcorn. Now it seems it gets lower and lower below the rim every time a bag is popped. I’m afraid that pretty soon one popped bag won’t even cover the bottom.

So, help me out – what is your favorite brand of popcorn, popper popped or microwave? Or both? Even if I’m getting less for my buck, I still like making personal popcorn discoveries on something I haven’t tried before! Thanks!

By the way, my other favorite snack is Cheezies, a cheese snack (obviously) made and sold only in Canada. If you’re headed north soon, let me know – I’ve been saving for a small bounty to be purchased and brought home to me!

Jeff Hackett