I Love Tennis Shoes & Hate Yard Work

I Love Tennis Shoes & Hate Yard Work

There are people who believe every woman has a thing for shoes. I suppose I do. I have about 20 pairs. That’s not a lot for a shoe-a-holic, but that’s a lot for me. Especially considering they’re ALL tennis shoes! I may have a pair or two of heels from years ago, but I don’t wear heels anymore. A perk of my job, I suppose. That…and I just don’t like them anymore! Tennis shoes are SOOO comfortable. I’m fond of white tennis shoes. I have about 7 pairs of those. But I LOVE these tennis shoes, too!

They may be my favorite pair right now. They beat white. And my black Converse. And gray. Even my red tennis shoes!

Can’t wear socks with these shoes, though, so they’re definitely Spring/Summer/Fall shoes. I probably should have worn shoes with socks because LOOK AT THOSE ANT BITES! Got ’em doing this…

I did do this over the weekend. I love tennis shoes…but HATE YARD WORK! But the weather was nice and my beds have been overgrown with grass because I’m too pitiful to keep up with them and weed and put pine straw down, so I weeded and raked and cleaned part of them out. Then, I raked up my free pine straw in my back yard and laid it down. I have about 1/6 of all my beds done. UGH. That means I might actually have to finish the rest of them. Maybe I’ll get it done before next Spring!

Frankly, I’d rather go hunt down a new pair of tennis shoes!


P.S. I may be hiring a landscaper soon! LOL!