Who Has Time To Cook! :)

Who Has Time To Cook!  :)

Actually, if I was truly honest, I probably do have “time” to cook…I just don’t really “care” to cook that much anymore! My son is gone and when there’s just two of you left…you tend to find the easy way out on things you used to spend more time on! So, I’m always looking for easy things to make that make me “feel” like I’ve actually made a real meal…instead of just scrambled eggs or grilled cheddar sausage dogs…the ones from Aldi are YUMMY! 🙂 I LOVE Aldi! All the ingredients for this easy meal for two came right from Aldi! Whip up a salad with it and you’ve got a delicious meal in no time!

Get these ingredients:

Thaw the shrimp and pinch the tails off…makes it easier to eat in the end! Heat some olive oil up in a skillet and throw the shrimp in. Sauté shrimp. Throw the bag of Fire Roasted Vegetables in. Don’t like what’s in that bag…grab veggies that please you! I like to throw some frozen asparagus in the mix, too. Heat it all up in the skillet, sprinkle a little Teriyaki Sauce over all of it and heat till bubbly. A little Soy Sauce in the mix is nice, too! Then…enjoy this!

Takes no time…feels like a real meal! Double everything if you have more than two. Or triple if you’re really hungry!

I don’t need to tell you how to make a salad, do I? I love a nice Caesar Salad. All the ingredients from Aldi and simple to make. Chop Romaine Lettuce, sprinkle some shredded Parmesan Cheese and Caesar Dressing on it. And I like to top with the crunchy Tortilla Strips rather than Croutons. Delicious and easy! Why look…I just told you how to make a salad!

I do love scrambled eggs…but this is a nice change of taste!