Today began in a wonderful way when I heard a local meteorologist say that Hurricane Sam will very likely end up as a fish storm with no threat to the United States! Fortunately, ENC has been spared of any stropical storms in 2021 and I hope that continues.

When I most recently joined V103.3 three years ago, it was at the beginning of the week Hurricane Florence made its monstrous impact in 2018. Thankfully, that storm’s sustained wind speeds dropped from Category 5 to Category 1 right before it came ashore. Although Florence caused considerable damage, I still raise my hands in praise when I think how we were spared because of the reduction of one of that storm’s significant threatening characteristics.

I pray nobody else has to go through what the victims of Hurricane Ida had unleashed upon them so recently. If and when such storms again occur, I hope Americans continue to pull together to support those who have suffered. Hey, we’ve been there – we know how it feels. We also have experienced how blessed we’ve been since Florence. Let’s share our good fortune with those who are needy. Remember, we’re all in this together!

Jeff Hackett