Weirdest Thing I’ve NEVER Eaten!

Weirdest Thing I’ve NEVER Eaten!

So, I’ve spent the last three days battling a miserable “changing of the seasons” cold. Nothing taste good. Except those delicious Sweet Globe Grapes from Aldi. And chicken soup. My husband has offered to cook the flounder he caught over the weekend, which I generally love, but can’t really stomach the thought of now. And then, he brings up this:

Pops this picture right in front of my face and says “How about little baby octopus?”. Funny guy!

So, this was the, in his words, “delicious” morsel of seafood he enjoyed at a buffet one day. The weirdest thing I NEVER ate! I just couldn’t. Was it because it was too cute? Was it because it was too gross? I don’t really remember. But, I couldn’t and wouldn’t eat it then and wouldn’t or couldn’t eat it now. Cold or not!

I admit I’m not that experimental when it comes to food…but I’ve been trying to work on expanding my horizons with food. Just not baby octopus. Not in a house, not with a mouse, not in a box, not with a fox. And this story does not end with me caving and agreeing that they are “delicious” morsels of seafood!

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Or NEVER eaten?

And, if you’ve got an Aldi near you…look for those Sweet Globe Grapes, packaged in a clear plastic box. DELICIOUS! 🙂