Missing Meghan!

Missing Meghan!

We’re preparing for Pets In The Park around here.  It’s our fabulous family event in Downtown Greenville at Town Common.  Saturday, September 18th.  Mark your calendar.

So, as we’re talking, I said, “Oooooh, we should bring Meghan”!  We could set her up and let everyone take selfies with her!

I remember the day Meghan Trainor arrived in the mail.  Her stunning outfit and snazzy heels lit up the studio!  She was snappin’ with attitude and we LOVED it!

When I couldn’t find Meghan anywhere in the building, an alert went out for missing Meghan.  All hands on deck hunting through closets, vans and backyard sheds.  Had Meghan run away?

Then, I remembered this…

Meghan in our studio the day she arrived.  Our little yellow studio.  The studio we occupied before Hurricane Florence.  That hurricane that swept three and a half feet of water through our building.  Where Meghan had been abandoned by all of us.  Meghan didn’t survive.  In an instance, we went from Meghan missing…to missing Meghan.

So, selfies at Pets In The Park?  We’re pretty sure we convince some of the adorable cats and dogs up for adoption that day to pose with you!  And, we may have located Alessia Cara!   Come find out!