What Is Your Favorite Birthday Gift You Ever Got?

What Is Your Favorite Birthday Gift You Ever Got?

Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

On Sunday, I turned 32 years old. Now, I will be the first to admit I am a materialistic type of person. The bigger and better the present for me.

But on Monday my fiancee gave me my final present and it was the greatest present I have ever got. She got me a Ronald McDonald Birthday Cake.

I have been talking about this thing for at least a year now. Not every store carries them, so they are not easy to get. But once I told my fiancee to get me one she made it her mission to get it. She had to go as far as calling the corporate offices to get this done (they laughed when she told them it was for her 32 year old fiancee).

She said she ordered it a month ago and had to pick it up at a local restaurant in New Bern where we live. The cake itself is only $9. There is nothing special about it other than it is made by McDonald’s. You can get either a chocolate or vanilla flavor. It obviously comes with frosting (which was better than the cake), and it has Ronald McDonald on it.

When I came home and opened it up I had a smile from ear to ear. So, my fiancee, daughter and I all sat down and tried it yesterday and to our surprise it was actually pretty good.

Now that I know it was that easy to get, I will be asking for one every year from here and on out (sorry hunnie).

Needless to say, my fiancee nailed it and gave me the best birthday a guy could ask for.

So, what is your favorite birthday gift you ever got?