V103.3 Scallywags Fail In The Great Trent River Raft Race!

V103.3 Scallywags Fail In The Great Trent River Raft Race!

We had big intentions of conquering The Great Trent River Raft Race in our giant pink Flamingo…but in the end…we couldn’t even come close to competing against Mario and his dragon, the great big black swan or the Pirate on about 6 boogie boards duct taped together! We didn’t even make it to the first flag before one of our crew members declared mutiny and cut the line from his paddleboard to our Flamingo to escape to shore! But, what fun it was! Next year, we plan on having a better plan and participating in a raft that’s a whole lot easier to paddle! LOL!

Here we are…with high hopes in the beginning!

And on the water before our mutiny!

It was fun squirting everyone…but you had to beware…because nearly every raft out there had secret weapons on board, too…including the rescue boats!

Once one crew member declared mutiny and cut loose from our Flamingo…we headed to shore to celebrate the victory of defeat by launching t-shirts on land!

And our Flamingo…defeated and deflated…now sits in our studio waiting for another event. One where we don’t have to paddle this awkward thing! We’ll float again one day!