This happened to you?

This happened to you?

This has happened to me before and it happened again last week. Upon entering a department store, I happened to notice an elderly gentleman ahead of me pushing a cart. No big deal.

Saw him again by the in-store pharmacy. Okay. Then saw him walking through the hardware section. Then in an aisle of the grocery section of the store. He entered the checkout section right after I did. Then, or course, I noticed him in the parking lot as he placed his purchases in the back seat of his car and drove off.

Has this happened to you? It almost seems we were shopping together, both casually getting what we needed in the same areas at the same time. Wherever I was, he was also! I mean, it’s a rather large store – what are the odds that we would have the same list of things to acquire on the same schedule?

Maybe I’m overthinking. Possibly exagerating extremely. Next time I go to a department store or grocery store I’m gong to wear blinders.

That’s all. Had to get that off my back.

Jeff Hackett