Lobster Lobster Lobster Lobster

Lobster Lobster Lobster Lobster

Our annual trip to The Keys to Lobster Fish was a big success!  We pulled in lobster on day one and ate lobster on night one!  And then, just like Bubba in Forrest Gump, we were rattling off all the ways we could fix lobster!

Grilled Lobster, Broiled Lobster, Boiled Lobster, Lobster Sushi, Lobster Fettuccini, Lobster Salad, LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE!

Upgrade your Mac & Cheese with Lobster!

Boil a box of elbow macaroni according to directions.  Drain and dump back in pot.

Cut lobster into bite size pieces and sauté in butter.

Dump the lobster in pot with macaroni.

Add any type of cheese you please.  We decided a nice Colby Jack mixture would be yummy.  May be throw in a little Smoked Gouda!  You choose the cheese and how cheesy you want your Mac & Cheese!

Add a bit of milk.  Salt and pepper.

Mix it all together and heat on medium until nice and melty and delicious!

Of course, a nice Lobster Roll would also be delicious.  Or Lobster Shrimp Cakes.  Lobster Salad.  Lobster Bisque.  Lobster Risotto.  Lobster Sliders.  Lobster Nachos.  Lobster Dip.

Oh Florida Lobsters…we do love you!

Next time we’ll talk about this awesome Grouper my hubby got!  Oh how delicious!