Random “Weekend Thoughts”

Random “Weekend Thoughts”

Random “Weekend Thoughts” I’m sharing even though no one asked!

So, I was chatting with my hubby over the weekend and glanced over at my lovely cup a friend gave me for my birthday and thought, “This is the best advice.  And I’ve not followed it at all!”  Why do we love great advice, yet fail to take it?

My shoes are dirty.  I need to wash them.

The toe on my shoes looks raggedy.  Maybe I shouldn’t wash them.  Maybe I keep them for mowing the lawn and buy new ones!

Why do I get excited over the thought of buying new sneakers?  Because I love sneakers.  Especially white ones.  Despite the fact that my son says white sneakers are “Sooooo out”!

Wow, my baseboards are dusty.  I wish I had a maid.

I need to finish painting my son’s old bedroom.  But maybe I’ll make Barbie Doll Fridge Magnets instead.  It’s easier.  And these are adorable…

I want to make one of these…

And then I heard my husband say, “Hey, HELLO?  What are we doing for dinner?”

Why does he ask that question…EVERY…SINGLE…DAY?

I’m pretty sure it’s 5 O’clock somewhere.  And I have a really cold and delicious IPA in the fridge.