Well used, indeed

Well used, indeed

I had a dilemma a couple years ago. The old, ragged, well-used footwear I was using when mowing the lawn and for other outdoor yard work had bit the dust. Time for a new pair of unwanted shoes to perform those chores.

Problem was I didn’t have another pair of unwanted shoes for that purpose. All the shoes I owned were in too good of shape to forego. So, following a duct tape patch-up job, I continued using the old, ragged, well-used footwear until they got older, more ragged, and more well-used. What else could I do?

I eventually dropped twenty bucks for a pair of cheap runners to take over the task. For some unknown reason, I saved the previous pair and they were rediscovered when moving to a new house. I couldn’t dispose of that pair of old, ragged, well-used footwear without sharing it with you. I wore them until they practically fell off my feet.

Jeff Hackett