Doing Good For Our Communities: Grifton Mission Ministries

Doing Good For Our Communities: Grifton Mission Ministries

I’ve always loved to do whatever I can do help my community.  Adopting families for Christmas, donating my clothes and household items, shopping thrift shops, dropping the dollars in the Salvation Army Kettles.  I still do all that.  But a couple years ago, I became even more involved in my community by volunteering with an amazing organization that does so many good things for Pitt and surrounding counties, Grifton Mission Ministries.  This non-profit organization has no high-paid CEO’s.  Virtually no paid staff.  It’s run by Billy and Elaine Tarlton and volunteers.  And they ALWAYS need volunteers!  Especially as they pack up their current yard sale site in Grifton and move to their new yard sale site in the old Piggly Wiggly building in Grifton.  And on Mondays and Thursday when they pack up and distribute food boxes.

Volunteering is not just an act of kindness for your community, it benefits you personally in so many ways.  Volunteering combats depression, can counteract stress, anxiety and anger, increases self-confidence, helps you stay physically healthy, provides a sense of purpose, makes you happy and so much more.  And, it really can be fun, a great way to make new friends and if you’re a thrifter like me, you can find amazing treasures volunteering at Grifton Mission Ministries Yard Sale!

Get details on how you can help by volunteering, adopting a family for Christmas or donating to the Yard Sale by messaging Grifton Mission Ministries on Facebook or call 252-253-8677.  Let’s hang out!

The faces of Grifton Mission Ministries:

Elaine in the middle of two volunteers.  Billy helping a customer load up a find!


Just a TINY glimpse at the HUGE current yard sale site: