Arthur Comes To An End On PBS!

Arthur Comes To An End On PBS!

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After 25 year, the beloved aardvark we all grew up to love, Arthur, is finally coming to an end.

Production of Arthur wrapped up two years ago, so no new shows have been made in a while.  There is no actual reason for the show to end but from what I have read the people at PBS just said Arthur’s time is done.

I went to catholic school most of my life, so watching shows like Arthur in school were common for us.  I remember watching Arthur all the time as a kid and really enjoying it.  It was one of those shows where kids learned and they didn’t even realize it.  Arthur was the longest running animated kids show in history.  The final season will start in 2022 and after that, no more.

You may still see the characters being used here and there but as far as the show goes, it is done.  Now, you will still be able to watch reruns on PBS Kids.

I get it, shows have their run and it is time to move on.  But what shows are left that teach kids but still have fun?  Another show that comes to mind was the Magic School Bus.  Shows like this need to come back and be apart of our kids childhood.

What is your favorite show from when you were a kid?