Feelin’ Florida!

Feelin’ Florida!

Beginning of August…we’re packing up and headed to a private beach and peace in The Keys!  One of our favorite vacation destinations for so many reasons.  Including these…


Lobsters!  Fun to hunt and delicious to eat!  Especially on the deck with a frosty cocktail while the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico!

Our friendly Florida Hosts!  Manatees and turtles!

Oh, and these…they’re EVERYWHERE!

Standing on the Southernmost Point of the US?  Pretty cool.  We’ve never had an urge to go that extra 90 miles to Cuba.  But, they do allow American Tourists.  With rules set by the Cuban Government and the United States.  Just one: A list of Restricted Entities and Subentities Associated With Cuba:  https://www.state.gov/cuba-restricted-list/list-of-restricted-entities-and-subentities-associated-with-cuba-effective-january-8-2021/

We do love The Florida Keys, but if you’re not up to traveling to Florida, try our second favorite vacation destination right in our backyard, Ocracoke!  Love the Island, the beach, the fishing, the peace!

Enjoy a summer vacation, home or away!