What Is Your Favorite Shoe?

What Is Your Favorite Shoe?

Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

I enjoy fashion, I may not have a great fashion sense but I enjoy fashion.  And where I come from shoes are a big part of fashion and your everyday apparel.  People base their outfit on which pair of shoes they will wear for the day.

I have wore a lot of brands over the years, Nike, Adidas, K-Swiss, Timberland, North Face, DC, Vans and a few others.  But one brand that I always go back to is Nike.  Just something about their styles and setting the trends.  They come up with color combinations that people never thought of and they actually look great.  My only issue with these brands sometimes is the price, they can be a bit much.  Some are so expensive I wouldn’t even want to wear them in public.  That’s why I always catch the shoes that are on sale, smart shopping.

When I was younger, there was nothing better than a pair of all-white shoes.  The only downside was trying to keep them clean.  As I get older I have found ways to keep my shoes looking fresh as they did when they came out the box.  I still love me a pair of all white shoes but now a days I try to find the weirdest color combo possible.  Now, I like to buy several different pairs of shoes and keep them in rotation so they never get old looking and they always stay fresh.

I am always on websites finding shoes and then watching them to see if the price will drop or not because I hate paying full price for shoes.

If I ever get to a point in my life where money isn’t an issue in my life I am afraid my closet will be filled with shoes that I only wear once or twice.

Are you a sneakerhead?  What’s your favorite type of sneaker?