Did You Know McDonald’s Has Birthday Cakes?

Did You Know McDonald’s Has Birthday Cakes?

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My birthday is August 29th and I will be 32 years old.  Where I grew up in Cleveland there was a McDonald’s at the top of my street my whole life, I lived at McDonald’s.  Throughout my years of growing up I always had a huge appetite for McDonald’s.  I have basically always had the same meal as well, it’s always included Double Cheeseburgers plain, some French Fries with a Large drink.  Up until recently I had no idea they had this item on their menu….  the McDonald’s Birthday Cake.

Evidently, it has been around for quite some time but it is not available everywhere.  You can usually catch them at McDonald’s that have a play place because kids have birthdays at the play place and they need a cake.  The cake is also for its employees.  The only reason I found out about the birthday cake was due to social media, Tik Tok to be exact.  Someone made a video of them going to McDonald’s, ordering the cake and then receiving it, opening it and then enjoying it.

Since this video has surfaced other people have tried to buy the cake, some are successful others are not because it is up to the store whether they want to order them or not.  News stations and Talk shows have looked into this so much that they reached out to McDonald’s and got an answer, yes they serve them.  The cakes range from $6-$9 depending where you get them.  You can either get the cake in chocolate or vanilla.

I live in New Bern and it seems like none of the McDonald’s here have the cake.  Is there any McDonald’s in ENC that can get this for me?  I will gladly pay and come pick it up I just need to find one.

On the hunt for a McDonald’s Birthday Cake…