Our Beloved Rescue Jennie

Our Beloved Rescue Jennie

The first dog I ever owned was a rescue from Pitt County Animal Shelter.  My son was 4.  We met Jennie at a pet adoption and she stole our hearts.  She was matted and messy and stinky.  Very stinky.  But she was so sweet.  She cuddled right up to my son and I.  They thought she was about a year old, found abandoned on the streets.  She was the dog at the shelter that had been there the longest, hadn’t found a home and was close to never having the chance of finding one.  We loved her instantly, took her home and bathed her.  Twice!

Jennie was scared of thunderstorms, backyard fires and ran for cover whenever my son and his friends pulled out squirt guns, paintball guns or BB guns.  I always wondered what happened to her when her owners dumped her.  And I know she had owners, because she was so well behaved and easily house trained.  My heart always ached for what she went through, but I was always grateful we found her.  She loved to run in our backyard, chasing squirrels, birds, bees, fireflies, whatever!  She’d chase a stick forever or as long as you could keep throwing it!  She would literally try to climb trees and was once successful, getting stuck in the split of a pine.  She loved to cuddle.  She always wanted to be right on top of us on the couch.  She was on our heels every step we made in the house.  She jumped like crazy for her treats we gave her every morning before we went to work and school.  She was our protector, barking if anyone she didn’t know set a foot on a step outside.  She loved riding on the boat, but she hated getting in the water.  Jennie was perfect!

Just look at beautiful Jennie!

We loved Jennie for more than 16 years.  About three weeks ago, I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made, but with guidance from our vet and  the understanding that Jennie was suffering and everything that could be done had been done, we said goodbye to our precious Jennie.  We miss her so much.  Her dog dishes are still in the living room.  Her ashes are in a beautiful box on the mantle.  Personally, I still talk to her when I leave the house and come home.  My heart aches and I’m not ready to go down that wonderful road of pet adoption yet.  But, some day, I hope we have another “Jennie” to love and who will love us unconditionally.  Are you ready for a new addition to your family?  Please, adopt.  There are so many wonderful dogs in shelters all over Eastern North Carolina who need a loving home.  Just like Jennie.

And if you’ve had to say goodbye to a precious family member yourself, I hope my Jennie meets your loved one and they have a ball bonding over chasing fireflies!