Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

As a kid, when I was finally tall enough to ride the go-karts at the local attraction, there was no better feeling.  Walking under the sign that says, “you have to be this tall to ride the ride,” and finally being tall enough was a huge day in my life.  It was like a sense of freedom.  No more parents riding with me, I can just drive and have fun.

Once you hit 16 and can drive an actual car. go-karts aren’t as fun anymore.

For the first time in at least 16 years I rode the go-karts at Mac Daddy’s and had a blast.  The first time we rode them, it was me in one go-kart and my fiance and step-daughter in the other go-kart.  They ended up beating me but it was so fun to do.  The second time we rode them, it was just me and my step-daughter.  We had fun once  again.  She kept telling me to go faster and beat the people in front of us, I was trying my hardest.  My foot hurt when I was done because I was pressing the gas so hard trying to make it go faster.

It was fun, we had a smile on our face the entire time and that’s all that matters.

Just because you may not be a kid no more and the go-karts may seem like a thing of the past.  I suggest heading to a track today and feeling like a teenager again.