Who’s Ready For 4th Of July Fireworks?

Who’s Ready For 4th Of July Fireworks?

Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

I absolutely love fireworks.  Whether I am watching them professionally or setting them off myself, nothing gets me more excited than fireworks.

Last year, most cities and towns had to cancel their yearly display which lead to an uptick in personal, at-home fireworks.  In previous years, firework sales are almost up to $1 billion a year.  Which is roughly, 268 million pounds of fireworks.  Across the country there will be over 14,000 professional displays put on over the 4th of July weekend.

When I lived in Cleveland, I would spend anywhere from $1k to $2k on fireworks, have a huge party of 50-60 people and just have fun.  In Cleveland, my mom lives on a corner house, so all the neighbors brought out their chairs, had family and friends over and watched my display.  With some help from friends it would take us almost 2 hours to set everything off.  People would tell me my display was better than most professional ones, I loved it.  I truly miss it as well.  I will eventually go back to do things like that, until then I will relax and enjoy everyone else’s.  I would never get to watch it because I was too busy setting everything off.  So, watching peoples faces and expressions from the display really made the day, time and money worth it.

I was reading that there is a shortage on fireworks like there is with everything else.  So, if you want some for your personal display, get them now before they are gone.

What are your big plans for 4th of July this year?  Fireworks at home?  Going somewhere to watch?  Don’t care and will try to go to bed early?