What Is Your Favorite Snack?

What Is Your Favorite Snack?

Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

Thank you to a monk from Italy, who in 610 A.D. created the best snack this planet has ever eaten, the PRETZEL!!!

According to The History of Science and Technology, the monk baked strips of dough that he folded into a shape resembling a child crossing its arms in prayer.

Ever since then, pretzels have become a staple in American snacking.  There are many ways to eat a pretzel, soft or hard, microwaved, deep fried or put in the oven.  Also, there are many things to dip pretzels in like cheese sauce, mustard or my favorite cream cheese.

My favorite way to eat a pretzel is air frying it, then dipping the pretzels in cream cheese.  They melt in your mouth and give it a different taste that makes it so much better.

It doesn’t matter the event, pretzels are always the perfect snack.  I eat pretzels at least once a day.

What kind of pretzel person are you?  A soft pretzel?  A hard pretzel?  Maybe a sourdough pretzel?  Maybe a deep fried pretzel?  Whichever one you choose, grab a dipping sauce and think about the monk from Italy who made this all happen.

If you aren’t a pretzel person, what is your favorite snack?