Missed Connections – 06/07/21

Missed Connections – 06/07/21

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com… Let us help make that connection.

Lady in the blue dress WOW (Jacksonville)

Lady in blue dress and purple mud boots walmart parking lot you were heading into walmart I was leaving we said hello as we passed each other in the parking lot your smile made my heart skip a beat your beauty took my breath away thank you young lady you made my day

Guy at Home Depot tonight before closing (Jacksonville)

We both were in the store and exchanged glances. We were in the fence department. I left out hoping you would follow. I waited a while in my vehicle and you finally came out. It happened you were parked a couple spaces over from me. We sat there for a while in our vehicles. I kept making glances hoping we could have moved somewhere else so we could talk but I was way to nervous. Hope you see this and respond.

Guy from park (Goldsboro)

Trying to reach a guy I met 6 or so weeks ago in Goldsboro. He and I talked at a strip mall after he had been to a park. Let me know what you were driving or some other detail so I’ll know you are the correct person. Thank you.