What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Bar?

What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Bar?

Brooks thoughts:

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, there was no better sound than the ice cream truck coming down the street on a hot, summer day.  But once it did make its way to you, the big question was, which ice cream bar do I get?

For me it was one of two items, the WWF Bar or the Ice Cream Sandwich.  The WWF Ice Cream Bar was very similar to an Ice Cream Sandwich with hard chocolate on one side and a sandwich cookie side.  It is also on a stick.

But hands down, the best Ice Cream Bar is an Ice Cream Sandwich.  It is very simple and easy yet packs such a punch on a hot, summer day.

The best way to improve your ice cream sandwich is by taking some pretzels and sticking them in the side of the sandwich or some peanuts.  HMMM, HMMM, HMMM, GOOD!!!

Although, I understand an Ice Cream Sandwich is technically not a “bar” but what else would you classify it as?

Just the generic, store bought ones are good for me.  I think I may go to the store and get a box today.