Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Here is Brooks’ weekly blog…

My fiance works in the evening most nights, so that leaves me on “dad duty.”  When it is nice out, I like to take my daughter for walks in the neighborhood behind our house.

Well, earlier this week my daughter and I went for a walk.  The walk takes about 30 minutes and with about ten minutes left a big black rain cloud hovered over us.  I figured since we weren’t far from the house we would be fine.  A few rain drops starting dropping and they were those big rain drops.  I put the cover of the stroller over my daughter and hoped for the best.  Within seconds the rain was falling and my daughter was screaming.  She was scared and I didn’t really know what to do.  As I was in the process of getting her out of the stroller to hold her a nice man pulled up in a truck.  He asked if we needed a ride, I didn’t even hesitate and I replied, “yes.”

I hurried as quick as I could, grabbed my daughter, threw the stroller in the truck and hopped in the cab.  In the process, I dropped my keys, her pacifier and almost my daughter at one point.  We got in the mans truck and we were soaked from our nose to our toes.

He brought us home, I couldn’t thank him enough, he was such a generous man.  He told me his name but I forgot due to the fact of trying to get my daughter in the house and get things straight.  I do remember though him telling me he was from Columbus, Ohio, I am from Cleveland, Oh.  Us Ohio guys gotta stick together.

Thank you to that man and his kindness that day.

The picture is of my daughter after we got home, before we changed.  She wasn’t a happy camper.