Missed Connections – 05/03/21

Missed Connections – 05/03/21

If any of these descriptions are describing you, please let us know either by messaging us on Facebook @V1033Music or email Brooks @ chris@v1033.com… Let us help make that connection.

Dollar General (Richlands)

We talked for a bit about HotWheels while you rang me up. I’m sure you’d recognize who this is referring to immediately.

Missing that sweet perfume (Morehead City)

I was in the Grocery store in Newport and smelled your sweet perfume…You let me take a closer whiif on your neck and told me what it was.

Would love to see you again…


I was walking around the electronics department tuesday afternoon and you were scanning merchandise I think. You had on a black long sleeve top and khaki green pants, we passed each other several times. I can’t get you out of my head, tell me what color your hair was and what color your mask was if it was you.