You Know What Is Said About Karma

You Know What Is Said About Karma

This is the second time in the past two months it has happened.

Someone driving on my road hit my mailbox early Friday evening. Do you think this person had the decency to knock on my door, admit a driving error was made, apologize, then offer to pay for damages?


That person just drove off like it’s no big deal. Mailboxes are considered federal property. If someone else hits your mailbox, make sure you get a police report of the incident. This may help the claims process go more smoothly, but it may also help you find the culprit so that they can pay for the damages.

Sure, a mailbox may not be high on the list of things you worry about as a homeowner. This is, however, the seventh time my mailbox has been either damaged or destroyed by a motor vehicle. Of that number, how many times has it been reported to me by the culprit?


Can’t wait until I move.

Jeff Hackett