Lesson Learned, Unfortunately…

Lesson Learned, Unfortunately…

Well, Mother Nature certainly caused some pain for me this past weekend, but it wasn’t her fault.

Because of the winter-like temperatures in the 30s which greeted us Saturday morning, everyone who attended my church’s annual Easter outdoor gathering that lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. dressed warm. I decided not to wear a cap or knit hat (or a toboggan or toque, depending on where you’re from) because I knew the sunshine would make things quite bearable by the time the event had completed.

That was the problem, however – the sun! Good old Sol ignored the fact the temperatures felt like winter and made it look like we were at the beach. Thus, the first sunburn of the year on my recently shaved scalp, but the chill made me completely forgot about another essential that should have made the trip.

Lesson learned. Time to stock the vehicles with adequate protection NOW. Hey, this week will be back to normal temperatures in the 70s for ENC. Pretty soon we’ll be needing every last drop of sunscreen we can find. Hey, better sooner than later!

Jeff Hackett