Opening Day Of Major League Baseball

Opening Day Of Major League Baseball

It’s Brooks’ weekly blog…

April 1st, 2021 is the opening day of professional baseball.

I grew up playing baseball, it was my favorite thing to do.  Every spring time I would go to the local rec center and sign myself up for the season.  I played baseball so much that I was fortunate to play on the Cleveland Indians field when I was a kid.  My name was on the jumbotron and everything, highlight of my youth.

I think I like baseball so much because it is very easy to have a pick up game in the neighborhood and play.  I played baseball all the until high school, that’s when I stopped because I knew I wasn’t good enough.  But enough about my baseball career…

There is just something about going to a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon game that takes my breath away.  The whole experience of buying the tickets, walking through the gates, finding your seats, getting snacks, all of it is just so fun and amazing.

Hearing that first crack of the bat is like no other sound.  Especially, me being a radio nerd, I love listening to games on the radio, it is the best.

Today, for the opening day of MLB, the Cleveland Indians will be taking on the Detroit Tigers.  The game starts at 1:10 and I will be listening through my phone.

Baseball use to be America’s Past Time, now, not so much.  Hopefully, one day it will be as popular as it once was.

Go Indians…