First Cut Of The Year

First Cut Of The Year

It’s Brook’s weekly blog…

Yesterday, I got out, gassed up the mower and cut the grass for the first time in 2021.

Earlier this week, I restrung the weed eaters in preparation for yesterday (total dad move).  I didn’t cut the whole yard, just the front and sides.  The grass is only growing in patches, so the whole yard didn’t need cut.

I love cutting the grass, I always have, since I was a kid.  Ever since I was able to start a lawn mower I was out in the yard once a week cutting the grass.  Just something about the smell, watching tall grass become short.  Having it all one length, the sidewalks edged up, all of that stuff I just absolutely love.  The best part is when you are done, grass blown off the concrete and you step back just to look at your lawn.  It’s a nice, weekly, self accomplishment.

I want to make sure my fiance has a yard that she is proud to come home to.  While I was cutting my grass I decided to add another mulch bed to the yard (another dad move).

Just something about getting out in the yard, smelling the grass, sweat dripping off my forehead, I just absolutely love.

Have you cut your grass yet?  Do you wait until a certain date for the first cut?  Do you not put as much thought into cutting grass as me?

Turn on the radio, gas up the mower and get out this weekend to get that yard in shape…