Humane Society Of Eastern Carolina In Greenville

Humane Society Of Eastern Carolina In Greenville

I (Brooks), made my way to Greenville to check out some fur balls and try to help them get adopted.

First dog on deck was Frosty.  The first thing I noticed about Frosty was his eyes.  They were two different colors, it was pretty cool.  Very friendly dog that just wants to be loved.  Frosty is a male, Siberian Husky Mix and is only 1 year and 8 months old.  For more information on Frosty, click here.

The second dog I got to meet was Naomi.  Naomi also had two different eye colors which instantly grabbed my attention again.  Super friendly and ready to curl up with you on the couch.  Well, that is after a walk or two of course.  Naomi had quite a bit of energy.  Naomi is a female, Terrier/American Pit Bull Mix.  She is only 1 year old.  For more information, click here.

the last and final dog I got to meet was Tinto.  Tinto was more than a dog, he was a beast (in a good way).  When they brought him from the back and he came through the fence, my eyes instantly got big because Tinto is a big dog.  Just from the littler interaction I had with Tinto I could tell he thinks he’s smaller than he actually is.  Just be prepare to have him walk you…  He was a gentle giant.  Tinto is a male, Hound mix.  He is only 1 year old.  For more information, click here.

The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers, foster homes and more.  They also provide food for families in need because they would rather your fur ball stay with you rather than the shelter.  It is $150 to adopt a dog today.

Even though we only featured dogs, they have cats available for adoption as well.  Cats cost $95 to adopt.

They are operating at appointment only.  So, if you would like to adopt a cat or dog you will have to call and reserve a time to do so.

You can find them online or Facebook to keep up to date with animals they have available for adoption.