A Barbershop: A Timeless Tradition For Men

A Barbershop:  A Timeless Tradition For Men

Chris Brooks here for you weekly blog…

I grew up in barbershops.  As a kid, we would hang out at my dad’s friend’s shop all the time.  As I got older I found a barbershop that I went to weekly.

Barbershops aren’t what they use to be.  You use to go to the barbershop in the mornings on a Saturday.  Wait with anticipation for your turn to sit in the infamous barbers chair and when you get done you felt like a million bucks.  There is just something about getting called over to the chair, sitting down, having the cape thrown over you that just feels right.  Most barbershops, like salons, are appointment only now.  So, you don’t get the experience of sitting there all day, hearing the stories from the old timers and just enjoying your day at the shop.

Even though men make appointments for their haircuts now, the same stories are being told, sports will be on the tv and fresh drinks in the fridge.

When I hit about 18 years old, I got my haircut once a week for almost 10 years straight.  Where I am from, appearance was everything and having a fresh cut with a line-up was key.  I went to the same barber for about 8 years.  So, when I was planning on moving from Cleveland to start my radio journey I was a little nervous about finding a new barber.  I care about having a good barber so much, that when I am looking for new radio jobs, I see how many barber shops the city has.  I am very serious about my haircuts.

Every place I have lived in so far outside of Cleveland, I have found good shops.  But something about the shop here in New Bern I like quite a bit.  It made me feel like I was back home with the barbers I grew up with.  You go in, super clean, friendly, sports always on the tv and fresh drinks for the customers.  The shop I am referring to is, the Chop Shop.

When I first came to town, the shop didn’t exist.  The now owner was working at a shop I went to when I first came to town.  I liked the barber that was cutting my hair, but something about the vibe I didn’t like.  Once I heard of The Chop Shop, I had to try it out.  Tim, the barber that cuts my hair is a very interesting guy to say the least, always enjoy our conversations.  And the owner, G, he’s the nicest guy ever.  Always telling stories, making people laugh and feel comfortable.

Going to the barbershop for me, it’s not just about getting a haircut.  It’s having some “guy” time with the barbers, laughing and cracking jokes, just passing some time and enjoying life.

With that being said, get a haircut, have a conversation with your barber and just enjoy your time there.